Bagpipe Cords


Scottish outfit offers a wide range of great Scottish bagpipes. That will help connect your pipe drones and make them look more attractive. Bagpipe drone cords are an essential accessory for bagpipe instruments. However, the purpose of these long cords is to firmly hold the drones. Also, it will prevent your tassels from dragging on the ground. While you’re holding the pipes by your side. This is done by combining these at each edge with a tassel. Cords are seen in four places. To fix your cord: simply start from the top of the outer tenor drone to the top center tenor. For more explanation on how to tie your bagpipe drones. Place your cords at exactly 90 degrees distance from each other on the outer tenor.

To crosscheck; the first cord should direct toward the middle tenor. While the other cord should be facing backward. At the middle tenor (both on the right and left side), position the cord to be 180 degrees. Also, set the cord to be 90 degrees at the midpoint part of the bass drone. Then tie them close properly. Moreover, If you don’t want to use the above method. Then you can fasten it at a 180-degree distance angle from one another. (although it might look a little bit disorganized) but it will still look nice.

How to wear

Also, make sure you leave a bit of space to hang loose so that it will be easy for you to remove the drone top. Note that It’s important to fix in the right length of bagpipe cords from the tenor drone to the end of the tassels so that it will be comfortable for you and easy to carry. Various types and colors of bagpipe cords are available at Scottish outfit including silver bagpipe cords, navy blue cord, yellow, burgundy cord, and more. In addition, Most bagpipe cords are usually made of wool or silk: but you can choose from numerous bagpipe drone cords that are available at Scottish outfit including tartan bagpipe cords, bagpipe drone ribbon, highland bagpipe drone silk cord, and the modern handicraft cords that are made of polyester and other quality wool materials.

The great Scottish bagpipe cords at Scottish outfit are available in different colors (so you can choose your favorite color and be satisfied) Sometimes, learning bagpipes might take 6 months to 2 years. But while learning bagpipe, it’s important to maintain your pipe by keeping it in a quality pipe bag. Shop now for the best bagpipe bags at Scottish outfit. Nowadays, bagpipe drones are either fasten by a cord or a hemp cord or a thread or rubber O-rings or plastic cable ties. You can also get a durable thread or hemp cord from the Scottish outfit.

Did you know that it looks more classic when the color of your card matches the color of your cable tie? A large selection of quality and attractive bagpipe color cords are available at Scottish outfit. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity of getting quality pipe drone cords that will satisfy your desire; hurry now and shop from Scottish outfit.

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