Bombard Chanters


Do you love Breton music and you like to play the highland bagpipe?
Then, a Scottish outfit is the right place for you to get a bombard chanter of your choice. Scottish outfit always sells high-quality products that you will love. Their competent team is professional that won’t disappoint you. Any item you buy from Scottish outfit is an excellent product including woodwind instruments such as bombard chanters and practice chanters. A player can play Bombard Chanter on different occasions including social events like weddings, church, Celtic music, and outdoor events. To get a high-quality bombard chanter with a good reed might be a little bit hard. But Scottish outfit sells bombard chanters that have good workmanship and it’s easy to assemble.


Bombard chanters vary in colors, materials (like plastic, rosewood ), length (different inches), and weight. But, you can always get quality bombard chanters of your choice at Scottish outfit. Bombard chanter is a small, double-reed woodwind instrument that resembles a trumpet. It has a conical bore and it’s often 7 fingers holes. Also, it’s similar to a soprano Shawn in range but it has a shorter length. However, this bombard has a powerful and loud sound ( which means it has a high and penetrating tone). The highland bagpipe is a part of the Shawn group and It’s mostly in traditional music. A bombard player has name “talabarder”.

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Moreover, this instrument is often played the same way Shawn is playing which is by placing the double reed between the lips. Similarly, Shawn is a double-reed wind device with a conical wooden carcass. There are different types of bombard chanter such as; rosewood with the reed, oboe rosewood flute chanter. Likewise, pipe chanter, practice chanter, and bagpipe bombard chanters. Other types include modern bombarded like pistons and Lombard. The Breton traditional musicians are called sooner or sovereign. Traditionally, the bombard is often pairing with a bagpipe which you can call biniou Koch (ancient bagpipe). There’s no point in buying poor-quality musical instruments. But at Scottish outfits, they are always at your service to give you the best product. Hurry now and buy a high-quality bombard chanter at Scottish outfit.

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