Doublet Jackets

The doublet is a jacket that is worn with other Scottish highland dress and accessories. There exists numerous style of doublet selectable with the highland dress, for instance, Prince Charlie Jacket, Coatee or the Argyle Jacket, Regulation or Montrose Doublet, Sheriffmuir or Kenmore jacket” (it’s suitable for black-tie evening wear), or with the Argyle Jacket (suitable for white tie events). Whenever you’re buying your doublet jackets from Scottish outfit, you can be rest assured that you will always get the perfect jacket that fits your body. Scottish doublet jackets are designed in a way that will fit you perfectly according to your body measurements.

These doublet jackets are sometimes but mostly bisect with buttoned gauntlet cuffs and four Inverness flaps skirt (sometimes worn with or without lapels), The Civilian jacket during the 14th -15th Century was also known as pour point. The Piper jacket has padding, insulated fabrics, and interlinings which helps to keep the wearer warm. These jackets also contains eyelets or ties which are tied to the hose. Important for selecting Doublet Jackets. A doublet jacket is a perfect outfit for formal or traditional events. It is also a great dress that is suitable for evening highland events. Doublet jackets are quilted lining that is worn to prevent bruising and chafing from abrasive outer layers. The doublet is made with either linen, wool, or a brocade (that is generally woven with silk). The Perfect doublet jacket at Scottish outfit is made with 100% quality materials (including serge wool, blazer wool, and Melton wool), and it comes in different styles and colors. So, be rest assured that you will get a nice doublet jacket for yourself and your loved ones at Scottish outfit, all at an affordable price. Scottish outfit sells a perfect doublet jacket that will look nice on you. The jacket increases body temperature and it provides ties to support the hose, these give the user body perfect padding and shape.

The following are further vital information you need to know about these types of doublet jacket.—Regulation doublet which is typically colored velvet or black barathea including silk-faced peaked lapels, gauntlet cuffs, and buttoned epaulets, similarly to Prince Charlie or Coatee. It is always cut like a mess jacket and usually contains braided “stashes” (which is also known as Inverness skirts or flaps) at
its both side. Moreover, the Regulation doublet was at once known with the highland regiment as the regulation uniform jacket is worn usually with a waistcoat of 3-button. Doublet can be worn with different ties such as lace jabot, pique bow, and many more, depending on the occasion.—Balmoral Doublet is usually made from velvet is an indigenous jacket with a single breast design. It is
generally worn with a belt and a black bow tie.

Montrose Doublet is a dual-breasted minimize evening jacket with an increased collar. It has about decimal (10) similarly positioned Celtic buttons on the front, on each cuff (triple). It is usually worn with a belt, lace jabot, and lace cuffs, and may be made from black barathea or Velvet. Kenmore doublet which is always worn without a waistcoat is designed with no lapels with just a one-breasted doublet. It is indigenously created from velvet and often worn with cuffs, lace jabot, and a belt. Besides, it is suitable for all formal occasions. Sheriffmuir doublet which is usually with no lapels and often with gauntlet cuffs and a stand collar. It is generally worn open with cuffs, lace jabot, and a waistcoat. Don’t forget that Scottish outfit is the best place for you to get all your kilt outfit including the best doublet jackets.

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