Lyre Harps


Best Lyre harp for sale at Scottish outfit! Lyre harp is a string instrument that has a similar appearance to a small harp. These orchestral string beans are the most important and famous string instrument in Greek. Moreover, this incredible harp symbolizes wisdom and moderation. The special thing about Scottish outfit lyre harp is that it produces a warm and soothing sound and has a dynamic calming effect. If you will agree with me that it’s important for bagpipes players to get a quality lyre harp that won’t give any problems while playing. Therefore, you should get a quality lyre harp from Scottish outfit. Scottish outfit is the best brand that sells original lyre harps of different types.

You are guarantee to find the best Scottish lyre harp at Scottish outfit. The sound of an Irish lyre harp and the sound of a Scottish lyre harp at Scottish outfit is perfect. People can play this wonderful harp on any occasion. Such as traditional weddings, official banquets, private drinking parties, competitions and festivals, religious ceremonies, and anniversaries. It can also be played in songs or poetry. Furthermore, PEDAL HARP (also orchestral or concert) and LEVER HARP (otherwise Celtic and clarsach harp) are the two major types of lyre harp. Other types of harp include ceng, barbiton, kithara, or cithara, konghou. The good news is that you can get all the quality harp of your choice at Scottish outfit.

Including modern ones. Scottish outfit delivers the best lyre harp with good strings and nice arms, crossbar, and tuning pegs. In addition, you can find the best 10 strings lyre harp and Irish lyre harp at Scottish outfit. The main difference between lyre and harp is that Lyre strings bypass a bridge that transmits the vibration of the strings to the body of the instrument WHILE the strings in a harp enter directly into the vacant or hollow body of the instrument. There’s no point in buying a poor quality lyre harp. That’s why you should invest your money wisely by getting a quality lyre harp for a Scottish outfit. All harp at Scottish outfit are inexpensive, easy to get, and are made from quality material. Hurry now and get your highland lyre harp from Scottish outfit.

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