Prince Charlie Jackets

The Best Quality and stylish Prince Charlie jackets at Scottish outfit.

It doesn’t matter the occasion you want to attend, the most important thing is to look your best anytime. When you’re attending an event; the way you dress will determine how people will address you. All Prince Charlie jackets that are from Scottish outfit are the best for elegant men. Men all over the world who know the secret of fashion and styles love this jacket. Our jacket contains 100% wool materials including serge wool, blazer wool, and Melton wool. The Prince Charlie jackets have also names like coatee or Argyll jackets. This Jacket is either best for formal or semi-formal events, weddings, graduation, evening occasions. If it’s some white tie event or black-tie event then this jacket is equally best. Scottish outfit Prince Charlie jacket comes in diverse colors, sizes, and styles you can choose from.

Prince Charlie jacket is among the formal highland kilt jackets in Scotland. The reason is that of its length compared to other highland kilt jackets. Many People consider this Scottish jacket equivalent to a tuxedo jacket. This makes the argyle jacket a must-have. But, for your desired quality and affordable prince Charlie jacket, it’s advisable to shop at Scottish outfit. When Prince Charlie’s jacket was first introduced, people use to wear it with a black tie, white lace jabot, and tartan red vest. In modern times, Prince Charlie’s jacket has a design with creativity to make it look more beautiful. Prince Charlie’s jacket at Scottish outfit has decorations of three classic buttons that are present in a vertical arrangement on each piece. They’re also present at sleeves to give the dress a neat appearance.

Additionally, the highlands prince Charlie jacket has a short tail in the back together with a scalloped cuff and silver buttons. Silver buttons and scallop flaps are also included to give a double-breast style in the front. Prince Charlie’s kilt jacket has six symmetrical buttons at the front (three buttons at each side). There’s also an additional button on each cuff. The first button is present on the braided shoulder epaulets while eight buttons are present on the dual small tail on the Coatee. At Scottish outfit, we suggest an antique silver button however, the style of the button is in varieties. The quality and high standard materials that are for designing Coatee at Scottish outfit make it unique.

The good news is that the Scottish outfit is affordable and classic. It’s everybody’s choice. Irrespective of your shape and stature. Scottish outfit has Argyll kilt that will fit you and suit your taste. Prince Charlie jackets contain a woolen fabric called ‘barathea’. The most popular color of this fabric is black, and it’s usually available in 13oz or 15oz fabric weight. Recently, most people add a personal touch to their prince Charlie jacket outfit. Some also wear a piece of material worn across the lower abdomen called cummerbund instead of wearing a waistcoat.

You can also wear a ruched tie as an alternative to the bow tie when you’re combining it with a five-button waistcoat. Coatee or Prince Charlie jackets are worn with a standard Scottish kilt accessories such as the small sgian dubh that will be inserted into the kilt socks /kilt hose. Then combine it with your kilt pin and kilt flashes, but ensure you’re wearing the tartan kilt accessories with a matching tartan kilt or Argyll kilt. Hurry now and join the great legends that love the Scottish highland kilts by shopping for the best Prince Charlie jackets at Scottish outfit.

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