Scottish Hats & Caps


The classy Scottish hats and caps are a perfect match for a tartan dress and you can wear them anywhere. The tartan hat and cap have a design to protect you from cold, sun, scalp damage, and hair breakage. There are varieties of high-quality tartan kilt hats and caps that are available at Scottish outfit. They consist of pure new wool materials. Scottish hats and caps for sale are the best. Customers have rated them very high. Scottish hats are called Tam o’ shanter or Tammie. This is the name due to the traditional Scottish bonnet. Men use to wear it and it became part of the Scottish military regalia during the first world war. You can choose from the varieties of quality hats and caps. Those are of different weight ounce (oz), colors, sizes, styles, and fabrics available at Scottish outfit. All hats and caps are able to fit you perfectly and match your outfit kilt.

These are the differences between a hat and a cap:

CAPS can be with or without a visor and they don’t have a brim (a brim is the projecting rim of a hat). While HATS covers the head and they have a brim and a crown. The hat generally represents power and authority. The reason is that it covers the head. It also symbolizes thoughts (a person having a different cap or hat may have a different opinion). To remove a hat before entering into a building signifies respect, and to cover ahead with a cap shows nobility. Also, different hats represent different orders in a social hierarchy. Hats in Scotland are bunnet, while hats in Wales refer to the Dai cap.

Glengarry can wear steeply angled, and wearing the right side of cap low, touching ear and the side. You can get those hats and caps that are above a Scottish outfit. Also, there are other designs and styles like a button-down tartan flat cap, tartan hat and cap, the traditional tartan tam, tartan golf cap, flat cap / cozy transparent hat, tartan flat cap, Scottish bonnet tam, and other modern and trending caps and hats, all available at a great price that you will love. What are you still waiting for Hurry now and choose from hundreds of Scottish hat and caps designs that are available at Scottish outfit.

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