Enjoy playing your woodwind instruments by getting the best at Scottish outfit.
Whether you’re a professional or amateur player; it’s important to opt for an instrument. This will support your skills to deliver the best for your audience. At Scottish outfit, our goal is to support your skills by giving you the best woodwind instrument. That will produce the exact sound you need. All our instruments are built from the finest quality materials. The mouthpiece and the parts are well built. So, it will fit into your mouth while playing without giving you any difficulties. The woodwind instrument is a group of musical instruments. Such as BAGPIPES, LYRE PIPES, FLUTES, BOMBARD CHANTERS, PRACTICE CHANTERS.

And they make their sound when the player blows air into its mouthpiece. The woodwinds consist of a mouthpiece that consists of a thin strip of wood or metal material as a reed. But in modern days you can now find woodwinds that are made of plastic, metal, and wood.
The sound of these instruments is paramount to the player. The sound of a low-quality woodwind instrument cannot compare to the one that is built with high-quality materials.


At the Scottish outfit, all woodwind instruments have a very nice design to be easy for players to clean or handle while playing. So, you can enjoy it and use it for a long time especially while rehearsing with your instrument. In addition, woodwinds instruments at Scottish outfit don’t break easily. Because they’re all 100% quality woodwind instruments. And this rated Scottish outfit stands out among other competitors. There are a lot of people that are complaining about purchasing the wrong instruments. This means it’s hard to get quality woodwind instruments. And I know you don’t want to have problems with any instrument you buy. That is why you should shop from a trustworthy brand like Scottish outfit.

Woodwind instruments

Woodwind instruments such as BAGPIPES, LYRE HARP, BOMBARD CHANTERS are available for you to choose at Scottish outfit. All bagpipes at Scottish outfit of high quality. The mouthpiece and valve have smooth crafting, with no rough edge. So it won’t hurt your lips/mouth while playing. The drones have perfect construction and the turning pin will turn easily without breakage. At Scottish outfit, we also have BAGPIPE BAGS that will hide and protect your bagpipe instruments from any damage. Our expert hands fix LYRE HARPS strings firmly so they won’t break while playing.

Each segment of all bagpipes selection at Scottish outfit have well construction. The Bagpipe body parts such as head, neck, shoulder, suspension rods, and turning parts are well built to satisfy bagpipe players. Our customers are always happy to shop from Scottish outfit. This is because your satisfaction is our goal! That’s the reason we have taken our time to give the best bagpipe that will help your music career. Scottish outfit also ensures that the keys on each flute are made competently so that appropriate keys can go up or down. The head joint, body and foot segment of all our flutes are of 100% high quality guaranteed.

The holes are also made to deliver the best! You can also get BOMBARDED CHANTERS AND PRACTICE CHANTERS from our bagpipe store. Visit Scottish outfit today to choose the best woodwind instruments.

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